October 17th, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

"Interesting" weekend

Had a great time with the usual geeky gossip and other fun at the Shakespeare Head. Even the Northern Line replacement bus service wasn't too bad, allowing me to stop by at Forbidden Planet and pick up comics including the latest issue of Defenders (Hulk gets shagged and worn out by Umar!) and the BSG magazine which looks very nice indeed. Also flicked through the official companion but decided it's an Amazon job as there's other stuff I need to order too. Observed that I seem to have started something of a trend with quite a few people drinking the Kopparberg pear cider I was drinking last time round. Interesting side-effect for a nostalgia attack (used to drink lots of the stuff when working in Helsinki!).

Alas, the gammon steak I had must have been a bit iffy. Saturday midnight onwards till Monday morning was largely a blur of fitful sleep punctuated by dashes to the bathroom. Doctor has since diagnosed me with gastroenteritis. Nice. So much for all the things I planned to get done yesterday...

Still, it's Monday, it seems to have largely passed, my right arm's feeling much better and the Northern Line appears to be running again (kind of) so I think I shall have to make the effort to get into fencing tonight!

Lastly, as a result of chatting with ysrith and others, I have set up a China Beach community china_beach. Anyone with any interest whatsoever, see you there!
BSG dogtag

BSG dog tag icon

A number of people, on and off LJ, have been asking about my BSG dogtag icon. Basically, it's from a photo taken by sakara75 of a set of Starbuck's tags, brought to Galactica One by Aaron Douglas and fiddled around with in PaintShop Pro.

Anyway, here's the blank base icon, feel free to snag it and put your own name and serial number (6 digits in the original).
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alternatively, I'd be happy to do one for you, with your choice of name and serial number...
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Sallying forth

Right, arm's feeling better, stomach has stabilised (rather sooner than I'd have expected) and the Northern Line appears to be running. I am going fencing. En garde!

But, before I go, 30 random questions meme that's been going round:
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