October 12th, 2005


Galactica One geekery

Summary: Galactica One was a rather small (c. 150 people), enjoyable con with great guests who were more than happy to wander round the bar and parties but the event could have done with a few more people, especially in the parties. Probably didn’t help that many of the regular party animals like Heather and Taz were absent. Still, Brian has said he plans to run another one next July/August. Will I be there? Hell yeah! So say we all!

Photos here, in Galactica One folder. Will hopefully be adding photos of me in bridge uniform later on (yes, I uncharacteristically failed to get pictures taken with my camera…).

Edit: More photos
Kris' photos
Ian's photos

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To anyone in the UK with an interest in airsofts

Recently got an email from a few airsoft sources in the UK about the proposed Violent Crimes Reduction bill which would, amongst other things, ban the sale or importation of replica weapons. There's been a campaign to try to get the blanket ban removed but the focus is apparently now on working with the Home Office to obtain some sort of exemption, in a similar fashion to re-enactors. If you're in any way interested in airsofting or harbour any ambitions of one day owning one, check out the text of the message below:

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Then, on top of that, I got an email today which, on the one hand, is potentially a dream come true - a decent electric L-85A2/SA-80, complete with optional 4X SUSAT sight - but I just hope it ships bloody soon, just in case everything goes all pear-shaped with the VCR bill! I *must* have one! See http://www.l85.co.uk for details.
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A few random post-con things

Monday: arm was still not up to fencing but decided to pop down to meet the guys for a drink anyway. As if any further evidence was required that I am transparent beyond belief, I SMSed Kate to ask if there was any chance she could bring that bottle of Maggi chilli and garlic sauce she'd picked up for me. Her response was that 5 minutes before she was due to leave work was leaving it a tad late but I was in luck as she'd anticipated this request! And then, on getting to the gym and taking delivery of it, Jo commented that she knew I'd have "that expression" on my face. Oh boy...

There's also the minor matter of the near-heart attack Kate managed to induce in me by asking, very loudly at the pub, "How's Mel?" within easy earshot of Mel's ex...

Also, Kate had been working on organising a trip to re-enactor traders' fairs at the end of the month. Looks like Cathy's medieval chaps will be at them too. Looks like it could be a fun day out. Only snag is that it really has to be on the Saturday for me as the London League finals are on the Sunday!

Yesterday: went to see Serenity with Liz. Those wishing to remain unspoiled, proceed no further. Not exactly what I'd call scientific but I was especially interested in her reaction as, in the time I've known her, she's gradually gone from being a mundane to a borderline fan who rather likes David Duchovny and David Boreanas and likes Farscape to the extent that she's got my first season DVDs (and thinks very highly of Ben Browder in leather trousers...).

Well, her view was, not bad, pretty good story but there was clearly bits of back story she didn't understand (e.g. Simon's confession to Kaylee at the end seemed a bit sudden, Book and Inara seemed a bit incidental at times) and this would have been worse without me to fill in the gaps. It also still felt to her like TV rather than film at times. Overall, pretty good but she's not sure she'd have been to interested in following up by watching the series DVDs if not for my recommendation and that's still going to be lower priority than watching my Farscape and Galactica DVDs.
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