September 11th, 2005

ARVN Ranger

Close shave...

"You got one lucky ass", my sister once told me. She may have a point. During yesterday's airsofting at Ambush Chobham, at one point I charged into a building entrance, slipped, fell on my back and mask slipped down, just as someone opened fire. Pellet hit me in top of eye socket. Few more mm lower and things could have been very messy indeed... As it is, all I got away with was a bruised, puffy eyelid.

Also managed to pick up a couple of cuts on my right leg (and rips through my US olive drab ripstops).

Otherwise, it was a fun day. Nick and my other passengers were most entertained by the Vietnam soundtrack CDs I'd put together for the car journey and got onto very geeky discussions about the music and soundtracks i.e. helicopter versus firebase music, concluded that We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place was the ultimate helicopter extraction song etc

Injuries aside, the skirmishing was fun too. Nick and I wore our Vietnam gear. Hell, even let him use the M-16 (fond as I am of the AUG, it just doesn't go with the ARVN Ranger outfit)! The other team (another group there for some other occasion) totally outclassed us - they'd played together before and so were just much better than us at co-ordinating - but everyone still seemed to have lots of fun. A couple also seem keen to try it again. Heh.

It was also enormous fun catching up with people I hadn't seen in a long time, realising how long ago we'd first met at Finchley Games Club and so on. Realised that out of us, I am now the only one who isn't married or as good as. Wow. They were also rather amused by the notion of me trying English Civil War re-enactment and that I'd been introduced to that *and* skirmishing by Kate ("A girl?!?")!

We were all very sweaty though so we headed off around 4pm, after the obligatory team photos, to go home and grab showers before heading down to Leicester Square for drinks and then dinner at Belgo Centraal. Things ended up being remarkably restrained for a stag night but I think this had more to do with the slow service at Belgo's meaning we just couldn't consume very much of Belgo's extensive range of weird Belgian beers!

Oh, and I now have been issued a bright blue tie I am to wear as an usher at the wedding which I now realise is a mere 3 weeks away. Eek.


This is so embarassing. I've never felt so stiff and tired the day after a skirmish. Even had to nap this afternoon and I'm still feeling drained. I suppose, as it was a woodland rather than urban site yesterday ie softer ground, I was throwing myself around a lot more than usual but even so... My sister's taking the view it's just a sign I'm getting old. Bah.

She also appears to be somewhat freaked by my near-accident yesterday and has suggested several times today I "should be giving up all you dangerous hobbies", specifically airsofting and re-enactment.

Got another Stupid O'Clock flight in the morning - foolishly agreed to accompany sister and couple of her friends from Hong Kong for a few days in Provence. Back Thursday morning. Really shouldn't - got load of project work I should be getting on with...
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