September 9th, 2005


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Who says computer games are anti-social? The last few days, as I (Captain KheSanh) approached the magic level 50 in City of Heroes, a couple of other members of my supergroup have been checking in on me to check how close I was to levelling and urging me not to level up without them. I could have done it last night but would have had no time for the usual supergroup ceremony. So, we arranged to log on at 7pm and ran through a mission to get the last block of experience points I needed to reach level 50 and then off to Atlas Park, where we started out as lowly level 1 heroes, to level up, witnessed by a whole bunch of people from the supergroup! I'll probably stick to Captain KheSanh for a bit longer as I want to play out the remaining story arcs but then, not sure. Maybe a Soviet-themed armoured hero called The Red Barricade? ;-)
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