September 8th, 2005


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I did it. New term at Poly Fencing Club's about to start and I managed to get to fencing every week of the Summer break! I'm also the only one of the three of us who managed to get there every week. Kate used to make occasional jokes about No Show Jo but this week, she in turn SMS to say that due to work overrun, "fencing therefore doubtful". An interesting point now arises however, Saxon's been great - nice bunch of people - but runs on one of the same evenings as Poly. Not sure what to do. Kate's suggested a schedule, alternating between the two, which might work...

Jo was feeling pretty frustrated this evening though - her point control and distance were way off - and she observed that the guys at Saxon seemed more willing to ask me to fence than her. Pointed out that was probably because I'd been there more often and being ethnically distinctive meant they were probably just familiar with me.

Busmen's Holiday: Started charging up my batteries. Nick's stag bash is on Saturday and the Best Man has organised a day's... yep... airsoft skirmishing! Still, it should be a laugh. I used to do Vietnam re-enactment with him so I've offered him the use of the M-16 which was eagerly accepted - he'll be wearing his Vietnam ODs. Guess I'll be wearing my ARVN Ranger then but not sure how well that'll go with the AUG or any of my other AEGs!

Had an interview this morning, for a commercial due diligence job. Alas, Donald Ducked it up good and proper. Things were going reasonably well until the guy asked how I'd explain Economic Value Added to a non-financially-trained manager. Rabbits. Headlights. Ah well...