August 15th, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

"No Bishops! No Popery!" *

* Common Parliamentarian war cry

The weekend
Short version: Another English Civil War re-enactment weekend with the Norfolkes: Basically spent the weekend in a rainy field playing with a 16' stick and had lots of fun doing so.

Long version:Collapse )

This morning
Return envelope has arrived from Orange. I am about to stick that PoS Motorola into it and take it up to the Post Office. I guess I am now one step closer towards the Holy GrailNokia 6680...
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Byebye Moto

Now she’s gone
Long, long, long, long gone
Now I’m a happy boy

The Motorola C975 has been duly sent off back to Orange. Guess I'll leave it a couple of days then call them to check it's been received and then it's 6680 time!

As of this afternoon, it appears I now have another games-related project, around sponsorship, product placement, in-game advertising etc. Just a few days to begin with but with some interesting potential...
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