August 4th, 2005


Mind-boggling Revenge of the Sith subtitles

Found by a Terra Nostra friend: a selection of utterly bizarre "English" subtitles from a Chinese bootleg DVD of Revenge of the Sith. For example, Revenge of the Sith appears to be translated as "The Backstroke of the West".

Well worth checking out for the likes of:
  • Anakin: Giving first aid the already disheveled hair projection
  • Palpatine: The Presbytarian Church enjoys you not (believe it or not, Jedi Council translated into Chinese (presumably Mandarin) and back again apparently comes to Presbytarian Church!)
  • Obi Wan: He the my brothers in elephant is similar
  • Padme: I can't walk last with you you a road for running about

Makes all the All Your Base Are Belong To Us and Hong Kong movie subtitles look like perfect Queen's English by comparison. The likes of "Somebody set up us the bomb" and "I'll fire pointlessly if you don't come out" just make too much sense to compete in any way!

Jeez. This has to be the first time I actually want to own a DVD of any of the new Star Wars trilogy films! rjatsy, you asked if there was anything I wanted from China - can you get me a copy of this? Please? Please? Please?
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