April 5th, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

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Dumb things a chap could do:

1. Go to first night back at fencing the day after going to an airsoft skirmish.
2. Deciding to fence some foil as well.


Oh well, still, the day's skirmishing at Urban Assault went well except for catching a pellet from a burst right in the middle of a fingernail on my left hand. Hell of a day to have forgotten to to pack my gloves! OTOH, with the velocity reducer fitted, the AUG is back in service. Also, the offer I made some time back of loan of weapons to anyone who wants to come along and try airsofting still stands...

Fencing itself was pretty quiet with relatively few people. It was looking like, once more, just Jo and myself doing epée but, fortunately, a new epéist showed up. Yet more evidence I need to improve my general fitness - this guy was a young, nippy blighter but, first bout, I still had 2-3 point lead through most of the bout, up until 13-10. Then I started getting slow and tired and lost 15-13. Still, second time round, I'd managed to get the measure of his style and won 15-7!

Right, now a couple of memes, both nicked from far too many people to mentionCollapse )