March 30th, 2005


Guess using the Motorola had some benefit after all...

Just been speaking to Orange about end of the 3G trial and my options. Immediately ruled out staying on with the Motorola C975 and used the phrases "Definitely not!" and "Godawful piece of equipment". Since I want a Nokia 6680, I'll have to come off the 3G service for now and upgrade when it's released and they'll send me a Jiffy bag to send the Motorola PoS back to them. Good bloody riddance - I switched straight back to the 6600 as soon as I heard the trial was ending!

However, the woman I spoke to also said I could keep the Sony Ericsson Z1010, "to do with as you see fit" and "as a gesture of goodwill", as she put it. Seems their systems aren't able to record/cope with users being issued more than one trial phone! Now, the Z1010 is a serviceable enough handset but still not one I'd choose to use. I have, however, checked the going rates for these on eBay. OMFG is all I can say!

Now, all I need is a release date for the 6680 on Orange...
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