March 7th, 2005

ARVN Ranger

Open fire! All weapons!

Today's airsofting at Urban Assault proved to be enormously enjoyable. The site is amazing - much bigger than Sopley, my previous favourite skirmish site - lots of pretty large multi-storey buildings to fight over and we've decided we need to return ASAP. Only major drawback is lack of mains (for recharging batteries) and toilet facilities (although that is being worked on). Had a few very satisfying engagements, including a couple of nicely executed ambushes, but my kill-to-killed ratio still leaves a lot to be desired. Nice too catch up with Pat, Cookie, John and the rest of the Team Sheep guys. It's been way too long since we gathered in decent numbers.

I ended up taking the MARPAT camo in the end. I was tempted to take either the Malaysian or Singaporean just to be terribly exotic but in the end I figured tropical issue kit was not the smartest thing to be wearing on a day like today! I am also now the proud possessor of a MARPAT tac vest as I saw a guy wearing one, asked him where he got it from and it turned out he was looking to sell it: nice piece of kit but he's slightly too chunky for the one he's got! Weirdly, one chap there asked me if I was from one of the US bases as I was wearing MARPAT and he thought I had an American accent. WTF?!? :-O

Best outfit of the day though, hands down, was a guy who turned up in WWII US paratrooper gear, complete with Thompson (think Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers and that was him!). Weapons-wise, I had fun with the M-16 but definitely missed the AUG. If nothing else, the latter's transparent magazines make it very easy to gauge your ammo levels...

Speaking of which, I'm down to the pellets I have in my magazines and we all expended large amounts today, especially Cookie with his brand new pride and joy, a M-249 SAW (I figure he must have got through between 5-10,000 rounds today), so we probably need to organise another bulk order...

I am now absolutlely exhausted, I ache all over (but especially my knees) and I even fell asleep halfway through the latest episode of Alias. On top of that, I've got more fencing tomorrow evening. I am going to be so dead by end of play tomorrow...
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