March 5th, 2005


And so it continues...

Re-watched Sleeping In Light but with Straczynski's commentary. Interesting: seems the cast, crew and director (JMS himself) were all having problems of the teary kind. Good to know; makes me feel slightly less of a wuss. Anyway, having done so, I have now placed an order for the Crusade box set! Why does the word "recidivist" immediately spring to mind? ;-)
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A Better Tomorrow 2

Technical advice request

So, anyone got any advice on buying a tumble dryer? Pros and cons of vented versus condensing, is the price premium for a sensing (i.e. auto-shutoff) model worth it, reliable/unreliable makes etc? The current one appears to be on its last legs - 90 mins of drying and the load is still rather lukewarm and damp...
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ARVN Ranger

Old Boys' fencing match

Had the Old Boys versus school fencing match today. To be honest, it was a bit crap. I was looking forward to fencing a different set of opponents and the school's supposed to have some pretty good fencers there these days. However, the best opposition the school could manage was two boys and the master in charge and those two boys were far from their best - barely broke a sweat (worked harder when warming up against one of the other Old Boys), even against the master in charge (overly aggressive: big mistake at epée). Apparently the poor turnout was because attendance at this match was optional! WTF?!? Can this be the same public school I was a boarder at?!? In addition, without wanting to sound like Victorian Dad, I was also unimpressed by the standard of dress/kit of the school fencers. You're supposed to wear breeches when fencing but tracksuit bottoms are usually deemed acceptable, if less safe. These guys were wearing jeans! Sigh...

Just hope tomorrow goes better. Off on my first airsoft skirmish of the year at Urban Assault in the morning. The photos of the site look amazing: big, sprawling urban site with lots of multi-storey buildings but it's liable to be a tad chilly tomorrow! Still not decided what gear to take - looks like I can't take my favourite, the AUG, because it exceeds the site's weapon power limits so it's down to the M-16 or the P-90. And then there's the matter of which set of camo. Figured it'd be good to take something beside the usual CADPAT which made me realise just how large my camo collection is these days: CADPAT, MARPAT, Malaysian brush stroke jungle, DPM, Singaporean and US woodland, ARVN and, if I was feeling really silly, there's always the Stargate stuff (which actually would be the warmest set I have!)...