January 14th, 2005

A Better Tomorrow 2

New phone. Again... Warning - Rant!

New trial 3G phone's arrived.

First indications are not good, to say the least. First up, it's a Motorola, never a good start, a C975. Next, it doesn't have Bluetooth. Jesus H Christ. I thought the lack of Bluetooth was a big oversight in the Timeport 260 for the GPRS trials back in 2001, never mind today. Not just that. No infrared either! WTF is the point in a phone offering high speed mobile data services with no means of interfacing it with other kit apart from a USB cable?!? The phone does have a memory card slot but it's some weird-ass format, Transflash, that I've never heard of before and the cheap bastards don't see fit to ship one with the phone, a pretty bizzare decision given the phone has only 2Mb memory on board.

So, what we have here is a 3G phone with no connectivity other than USB cable, little internal and no backup memory for storing downloads. In other words, here's a 3G phone with virtually no ability to exploit its benefits. Jeez... I can't believe that 7 years after the first Motorola I ever used, their ability to churn out a truly awesome "Godawful piece of shit" (a colleague several desks down once twigged from just that phrase that I was talking about a Motorola phone) remains undiminished. Are Motorola's product design people all lobotomised or something?!?

Note: the phone hasn't even been fully charged up yet. Sigh. Guess this is the downside of being a regular trial user - sometimes you get sent some real crap to test. Still, it means I won't be short of things to say in the feedback calls and it's good to know there's something that still holds true after all these years...
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