December 12th, 2004


Back to work...

Friday: Felt a little strange, starting a new project without having to go to the airport first! The people there seem like a nice bunch, the work looks like it's going to be pretty interesting, even if deadlines are looking a tad tight. Nice benefits too - amongst the forms I was given to fill in was one for access to the building gym and I was also issued a vending machine key which the company also adds some cash to every week! On the downside, I was also issued a work laptop which is a tad Stone Age - a paving stone-esque Compaq Armada with a 1GHz Celeron... Alas, I can't use my own for security reasons.

Still, things seem to have started well - will be heading down to Bristol on Wednesday to interview some people. I was rather amused that my boss was a bit apologetic about asking me to catch a 8.30am train till I pointed out it wasn't that outrageuous compared with a 6.30am flight to Germany!

Other weird things - A recruitment person called to discuss a slightly different role to the one I'd originally applied for. While I was speaking to her, I got a voicemail from the guys I saw on Wednesday the other side of Southwark Bridge, asking me to come in for a third interview. Guess it's a good sign they called again after only two days. Should hopefully be able to see them early Thursday morning. I am now pretty much convinced there's a bunch of recruiting people trying to get their desks cleared before Christmas...

Spent a large part of the weekend boning up for this upcoming interview but, on learning from Sue it was a LOTNA weekend, I decided to take a break and head down to the meet. I'm rather glad I did - was great to see Sue and everyone else!
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