March 26th, 2004


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So, it's half-past midnight and I've only just sent off latest version of model and presentation to colleagues in Germany. Urgh. Still, despite all the work I've had to do, I've still managed to:
  • Collect epée
  • Collect fencing kit
  • Make Monkey Magic Wishing Staff (painting Chinese characters onto a wooden curtain pole is decidely non-trivial)
  • Collect most of Monkey outfit (some bits Tors is bringing to Eternal)
  • Do expenses and invoice (but need to update it to include work and phone calls from today)

Things to do tomorrow:
  • Get School of Rock wig and Monkey sideburns from Camden Town
  • Dig out Earthforce uniform, link and PPG
  • Pack all my shit
  • Get my ass to Heathrow at something approaching a decent time in the afternoon, via Tesco's to grab booze and munchies, including order from Heather
  • Try to avoid any more work out of Germany

It seems one of my colleagues used some story about me leaving for a project in Singapore to dig data out of slow client people. I queried this and she said, "We can't really tell them that you are unavailable becuase you are going to prance around a convention, dressed as a monkey and pissed out of your brain;)))"!
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