March 13th, 2004


(Nick)name meme

Stolen from burntcopper and others, posted at the former's behest:

If you know me as:
  • King Ming/Kiming/Kim Ning Loo/Looy/Loi: You probably work for Greater London Hire. I have been using you guys regularly to get to and from the airport for six years, you even send me Christmas cards. Isn't it about ******* time you learned to spell my name, if not correctly, at least consistently?!?
  • Harry Kim/Sulu/Paul Wang - I have just met you at a con and just rolled my eyes and given you a very stern glare.
  • Ken McLooi - You are Paul Ruse who one worked at Oracle Teletext. You came up with the weirdest spelling of my name even though I spelled it out over the phone to you and I am going to hunt you down and make you pay for that one day.
  • Ming the Merciless - We have probably just met and you think you are very original and witty. I beg to differ.
  • Emperor Ming - As above but you are at least a bit more refined.
  • Mung - You are my first girlfriend. I still don't have an awful lot (civil) to say to you. Better check the temperature in Hell first.
  • Kinky Minky; or Bastard or similar- You were in the dormitory I was in charge of at school. Yes, getting sent on early morning runs sucks, even for me as I had to get up to watch you do them. You should therefore have stopped talking and generally arsing about at the appointed time after lights out, as instructed.
  • Ming Looi! - You are my housemaster and you are pissed off with me right now...
  • Mingmong or similar, especially any including derogatory references to my Chinese background - We went to school together and you quickly learned to say that only when outside striking distance; either that or you like being subject to sudden, violent strikes against various parts of your anatomy.
  • (Yo) Dude or Minglet - You are my sister. No, I can't pop down to that lace store again. I'm not the one getting married here.
  • Ming-ko - You are my mother and you have some errand or chore you want me to do
  • Token male - You probably know me from Horizon
  • Mingles - You are a long-term Horizon or TN member. And **** off, I am not wearing that wig again.
  • Ming of Finchley - You are one of the more serious/intense people on the Robin of Sherwood list. That sig on that email was a joke!
  • Claymore - From various online shooter games, most likely the Quake and Unreal Tournament series
  • The Monkey King - From Xbox Live
  • Mingster - You were probably on my MBA course, quite a good chance you were one of the Americans
  • '(You (big)) geek!'/Propellerhead - Probably someone I've worked with since I started in consulting. Noone else I know would be surprised.
  • Kin-Ming Looi - You are a formal contact/acquaintance.
  • Looi Kin-Ming - You are a formal contact/acquaintance from Asia.
  • Ming - Pretty much everybody else, even business associates who quickly learn it's a lot easy to say than my full name.

Pretty sure that's only a representative sample!
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