December 26th, 2003


An open invitation to get your ass shot off...

How can you resist an offer like that? ;-)

It occurs to me I've never explicitly said that if anyone ever fancies trying airsofting, I have enough spare weapons to equip a couple of people. If you're adamant, the Pulse Rifle can be made available but I don't recommend it as a skirmish weapon - it's too end heavy, the mags are relatively low capacity and awkward to change in the field. It does look gorgeous though...

Hell, I can even provide cammies and webbing/vests as long as you're approximately the same size as me (heh - fancy going out decked out in Stargate gear? Can be arranged...). Even if this isn't the case, you don't necessarily need cammies of your own, a few of us refuse to wear camouflage and stick to plain black/green/tan clothing. A pair of good boots is essential though. Heh. Weapons and camouflage lists available on request but I reserve the right of first pick ;-)

Main restriction on this offer is you obviously need to be mobile enough to get to one of the sites we typically go to (most commonly near Peterborough, Bournemouth, Reading or Newport) or live nearish the route I need to take to get there from North London! We also tend to favour urban/built-up sites if you don't fancy wading through occasionally muddy forests but we do also go to woodland sites.

We're a pretty friendly and disparate bunch who don't take this too seriously (ie we don't do training days etc) and it hurts way less than paintball!
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Looi Kin-Ming

We're off to see the PRC...

Just finished packing for a short (couple of days) trip to MordorGuangzhou (very early) in the morning.

Good news for wg and white_hart: on your recommendations, I have picked up a copy of The Silmarillion and have indeed just finished The Feng Shui Detective's Casebook. However, I did also pick up a copy of a new-ish edition of Sun Tzu's Art of War, complete with notes on key contemporary Chinese battles, and a book on the origins of Chinese deities... Choices, choices...

Also followed my sister to the gym again this morning. Well, at least it was a tad less painful this time...

My sister also got me to SMS a friend of hers to explain that, yes, Frodo does leave Middle Earth in the books too.
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