December 18th, 2003


First morning in Hong Kong

In my sister's apartment looking out at a magnificent view of Repulse Bay and the road to South Bay, it's a gloriously sunny day and, if it's anything like yesterday, the temperature will be very pleasantly mild. Got The Eagles playing and feeling very relaxed indeed.

Of course, I really ought to get up and get going. I'll need to do so to head in to Central to meet our parents who get in from Kuala Lumpur around 1pm local time. However, perhaps I'll set up my laptop to use my sister's broadband connection first.

Other plans:

My sister intends to drag us across the border all to Shenzen on the weekend to get us fitted out for Chinese outfits for her wedding next year. Don't think I'll be bothering with Shenzen's other usual products like dodgy DVDs (you know something's wrong when the star of Sex And The City is listed as Shla Jeshika Pak and sister and fiance are not surprised when yet another disc doesn't read properly!).

Plan to see RotK out here after all. Was initially reluctant just in case there's a similar problem to Malaysia where the English subtitles for Elvish dialogue were replaced by Malay ones only... However, I got myself the Two Towers extended edition before heading out (after moderately persistent berating from Heather (burntcopper)) and brough FotR EE too so I can gear up nicely for it. Besides, even if there is a problem with subtitles, I guess I'll just have to see it again. Life is hard...
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Psi Corps

Hell yeah...

Guess there's a reason why B5 is still possibly my all-time favourite TV series...

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

EDIT (to include descriptive text):

John Sheridan

An experienced survivor who has maneuvered around many obstacles, you are looked up to by those who rely on your good judgment.

In the last few years, we've stumbled. We stumbled at the death of the president, the war, and on and on. When you stumble a lot you tend to look at your feet. Now we have to make people lift their eyes back to the horizon and see the line of ancestors behind us saying, "Make my life have meaning," and to our inheritors before us saying, "create the world we will live in."

John is a character in the Babylon 5 universe. You can read his biography at the Worlds of JMS fansite.

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