December 15th, 2003


Last skirmish of the year

A fun but brief (due to lack of daylight) day's skirmishing at Sopley, picking up Julian and Lachlan along the way. Julian had previously IMed me to ask if I was going to wear my CADPATs or MARPATs. When I suggested I might take both and change at some point, he retorted that it was a skirmish, "not one of your cons or a camo fashion show!"

The day's scenarios were fun and rather silly, involving two rival factions fighting to recover a drug lord's missing stash. My PocketPC even managed to win us one of the games - the scenario involved decrypting clues to follow a trail around the site. Pocket Excel is very helpful for analysing simple ciphers and generating decryption tables so we just blitzed through the clues faster than our opponents. Hell, we even managed to intercept (ie nick) one of their clues. Only problem is one of our guys gave me the wrong side's clue with the final password to decrypt. Alas, this meant the first person to deliver the package to the final location got shot for it! Whoops. One more quick decrypt and all was well though.

All in all, a very good day indeed, briefly interrupted by the announcement of Saddam Hussein's capture. Apart from enjoying the games (which our side won 3-2), I didn't lose any magazines, didn't break any guns, didn't get any teeth or other bits of my body shot off and have no scars, marks or wounds that weren't already there in the morning.

Only downside was that my beloved Steyr AUG was back using the original gearbox rather than the upgraded one which seized at Ambush (not got it back from repair yet) so it was firing at ~265fps rather than the previous 315 or so.

Needless to say, various people were keen to have a word with me about my trip to Hong Kong and potential shopping lists...

On the way back, we stopped by at an American-style diner on the A40 called Starvin' Marvin's. I'd driven past it countless times going to and from Heathrow, Horsham etc for several years and always meant to check it out. Well, I finally got round to it. Nice food too, if you're into American food, especially the malt shakes.

When I set out in the morning, I'd left the PC downloading a promising sounding file named "Kane in Arnhem". Of course, I'd completely forgotten there was also a Dutch band named Kane. Doh! Anyway, crawled into bed after brief session of mail, telephone and IM conversations. Legs still way stiff even now...
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