December 9th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Glimmers of hope?

Tonight was the fencing club social bash. The original schedule was to fence for an hour or so before relocating to Strada off Regent Street for drinks. However, Kate emailed to suggest this was a waste of good drinking time. Given that a large chunk of that hour would have been taken up with changing, showering etc, I didn't exactly put up the stiffest of resistance so we arranged to meet De Hems, a Dutch theme pub just off Shaftesbury Avenue and Gerard Street at 7.00 for an hour and a half or so of drinking Dutch and Belgian beers and swapping Christmas-type things and chat about the likes of China Beach (she's possibly the only other person I know who remembers and likes it and one of the things I handed over was a couple of DVDs containing the first season), her upcoming credit in the Dr Who documentary and Malta... Seems I'm not the only one with a problem with that date - she's earmarked to work on Euro 2004 which would clash with the Malta Open... She figured it being a small competition, getting it shifted might be possible.

So, come 8.30, we met with the others at Strada, grabbed Mike, the club chairman and put our case to him. Hell, I even said I'd agree to get him his Xena and Gabrielle fridge magnets if he pulled this off. Upshot is he needs to speak to the organisers at the UK and Malta ends but doesn't see a problem. So, for the first time, there is the faintest hope that the Malta Open and Hyperion may not be mutually exclusive! However, as a fallback, Kate and I have vaguely reached an agreement in principle that either I'll go if she definitely is or maybe heading out to Malta early and fencing there even if we can't make the competition itself. This is all primarily because we spent most of last trip wandering round together so we've seen and not yet seen exactly the same things and have remarkably similar interests - Knights of St John, military history, Cisk beer at Ollie Reed's final pub etc...

Rest of the evening was pleasantly relaxing. Did catch a bit of grief from Kate though because it turned out one of the new epeeists was a student working on an essay on China-US relations and we started banging on about Chinese, US and then Malaysian foreign policy and politics for rather longer than I thought I had!

However, key message is that there is now a chance I might make Hyperion without having to sacrifice fencing in Malta! Woohooo!
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