December 8th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Let's do the time warp again...

I've had a weird evening wallowing waist deep in nostalgia. It all started when I decided I'd finally get round to uploading Terra Nostra photos (ie photos of us) from recent cons to our Yahoo group file area, as Cathy has been bugging me to do for a while. For anyone who's wondering, the TN is a loose group of people, mostly based in South-East England. We originally met up because we were all Blake's 7 fans (Terra Nostra is the name of an organised crime syndicate in B7) and have more or less met regularly ever since 1992 although we have been very lax of late about that. I'd recently started taking TN group photos at cons, not sure why but it was these Cathy had been pressing me to upload.

I started with the easy ones - the digital pictures from recent years. I then started wading through old photos to scan them. I'd realised a short while back the Terra Nostra has been going over 10 years but it's one thing to realise this on an intellectual level, but quite another to be looking at con photos going back to 1992 - all these photos of Federation troopers, UNIT squaddies, Psi cops, Templars and others, not to mention looking through the photos of all the other stuff I've got up to in that period - work, other hobbies, holidays etc.

Dear God, I look so young and slim in those. All these people I've lost touch with, all these things we used to get up to. It's a really weird and slightly scary feeling seeing the last decade or so compressed into a couple of hours - some of this stuff feels like only yesterday. Main thing that kept springing to mind was where the time had all gone?

It probably didn't help that I'd been on the phone to one of the TN guys I hadn't spoken to in ages and a couple of fairly heavy in-depth IM discussions in a row, one pretty much immediately after another. Playing The Eagles didn't help either but I figured if I was going to have a wallow, I might as well do it properly. Ah well, got it mostly done eventually but I couldn't seemt to find any photos from Nocturnals 2000 and 3000. Must be around somewhere though.

Anyway, decided to go off and watch an episode of Dead Like Me over dinner - just seemed to fit my mood better than the other candidate - SG-1.

Still, it has got me thinking about finally getting going on an occasionally discussed TN project - Terra Nostra regimental Colours, Union Jack with crown and battle honour scrolls listing all the cons we've been to and so on. Heh. Could be a laugh...
Looi Kin-Ming

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Oh yeah, and the Kin-Ming Looi prize for most bizzare opening Instant Messenger line goes to Heather (burntcopper) for "it is possible to throttle a control panel, right?"

'I think I speak for all of us when I say, "huh?"' ;-)
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