December 5th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Weird couple of days

Just about got the CV done and sent in. As it turned out, they found someone internal to do that particular project but will apparently keep me in mind if more come up. Still, at least now that I'd finally got round to doing the CV, I could get round to calling that headhunter too so we'll see what comes through there. So, yeah, Rubicon crossed and all that - finally starting the job hunting thing...

Also finally got round to calling eTrade - I've had just under US$1,000 sitting in an account with them for several years, a legacy of a former employer's employee share purchase plan. I've got them to close it down and mail me a Sterling cheque. Well, it'll cover the bulk of the ticket to Hong Kong at least.

I also got a call from Heidi yesterday afternoon trying to persuade to pop over. I said I was supposed to be fencing but she persisted. I wavered, but stuck to my original intentions. Then discovered something was up with the hot water system round here and the plumber could only come round ~7-8pm. So, no fencing for me anywhow and since Monday is end of term drinks and next Thursday I'm having dinner with Liz, guess that's my fencing for the year.

Shortly after the plumber had been and gone, Heidi called again - Julian was round there and keen to let off one of the military surplus smoke grenades he'd acquired for next Sunday's game at Sopley. So, yeah, I ended up driving all the way round there and, amongst other things, we ended up standing in this BMX track in the middle of the night in the freezing cold watching this metal cylinder bellow out smoke toxic enough the guy who sold them said they were not to be let off indoors under any circumstances.

Did a few minor things today - experimented with burning a DVD of the first four episodes of China Beach (seems to work so far), booked a restaurant for the Renaissance reunion on Wednesday, did a bit of catching up on Dead Like Me and SG-1. That's about it, really.
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