November 26th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Want to know how much Interplay/Infogrames paid for the games rights for The Matrix?

Spent large chunk of today round at Heidi's again, trying to fathom out her recalcitrant PC. Came loaded for bear this time - spare DVD-ROM and 80Gb hard drives, load of downloaded Western Digital and other diagnostic software. Think problem has been narrowed down to a flaky hard drive (problems persisted when I swapped in my DVD-ROM but XP seemed to reinstall OK when using my hard drive. Still need to pop back in the morning to finish installing SP1 and the countless security patches but at least system seemed stable. Snag is I guess I'll have to do this again when dodgy hard disk is replaced.

The reason I had to call it quits before finishing the big reinstall (apart from Heidi needing to get to work) was that I'd arranged to meet an ex-colleague from games developer days to pass him Angel episodes, drink beer, talk about games (and Templars) and trade (well, more like get, really) games industry gossip (not necessarily in that order of priority). Couple of interesting things:
  • Anyone want to know financial details for the Enter The Matrix game? - all thanks to documents made public due to Larry Wachowski's divorce proceedings... All very depressing considering what an untterly mediocre game Enter The Matrix proved to be. I openly admit I bought it for the Xbox as a form of penance...
  • Sony is very serious indeed about the Playstation Portable and a serious onslaught can be expected come Q3 '04
  • There is much discontent at Rare since Microsoft took over. In his opinion, the acquisition may well be the biggest ever mistake in the history of the games industry

He also said he might have a lead on possibly interesting games industry jobs. Another nice bonus was that the place we met in was a Youngs pub so I was able to indulge in a few long overdue Ramrod and Specials.

However, all this means that I am way behind schedule for getting ready for Senior Partners. Tomorrow morning, I need to pop back to Heidi's and finish off setting up the PC, in the evening I'm supposed to be at fencing so time's getting very tight indeed...

Oh, and caught a bit of Blackhawk Down on TV. Collapse )