November 25th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

I am a fish, I am a fish...

D'oh! I'd arranged to meet a friend I'd met at SG-6 for a drink this evening at Liverpool Street at 6.30pm this evening. Or so I'd thought. At 6pm, there I am at East Finchley station platform when I get a SMS saying said she'd arrived at Liverpool Street and askign where to meet. My initial reaction was that she was being awfully keen and early. Then I checked the ealier SMSs and realised she wasn't. ARGHH!!!

Oh well, had a pleasant couple of beers once I'd actually got my ass down there, yakking about sad fannish things, especially Babylon 5 and Ultraviolet. Main thing to emerge - yet another person telling me to seriously consider going to Starfleet Ball. Gah! Enough already!

Other news - last night at fencing, there were even more new epeeists present. There were so many of us I wasn't able to fence everyone else before the evening was out. Truly a wonderful development as I'd sometimes felt like an endangered species!

One of the new arrivals made a very interesting comment when we chatted after our second bout (funny how we feel totally comfortable about attacking each other with swords before we even know each other's names...). She asked where I was from as "you don't see many tall Chinese guys around". I did point out she didn't exactly fit the stereotype of the short, diminutive oriental female either and we decided it was probably because we'd spent too much time outside Malaysia and Singapore respectively on Western diets!

Wish I'd known she was Singaporean before we'd fenced. It'd have probably inspired me to fence harder ;-). However, for the record, the Malaysian won. 15-3 and 10-3. Heh. Dr M would be proud of me ;-)

Weird listening to this set of live Springsteen tracks from Helsinki and catching the odd bit of Finnish here and there and hearing the audience singing along with that ultra-flat Finnish accent...
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