November 23rd, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

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Got started on reviewing potential suppliers of my sister's wedding cake. Started by downloading a whole load of Phoenix and Dragon images (it's a Chinese thing...), made up a set of Powerpoint slides with them in and headed off to the first place, the wonderfully named Choccywoccydoodah down on Edgeware Road. I talked through the designs and my sister's plans with the woman there and she gave me two sample slices of chocolate cake, a big bag of their speciality chocolate chips and tasting instructions (apparently I'm supposed to start with the white chocolate to cleanse the pallete, then the milk and lastly the dark...). Man, this is surreal... Oh well, next candidate, Maison Blanc in Hampstead.

Even weirder that soft toy Cthulhus and Nyarlathoteps: this month's Edge has a news item about a woman named Zumi who makes soft toy games consoles. Yep, she seems to have made a soft toy Dreamcast, Neo Geo, PC Engine and Game Cube. Now, if only she did a Xbox...
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