November 17th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Busy weekend

I spoke to partner at former employers. It seems I may be temporarily employed again next week, will know Monday or Tuesday, depends on whether client signs.

Saw Matrix Revolutions in the evening. Hmm... found it rather lacking and disappointing. That's all I feel inclined to write about it right now. I might expand on that if I can summon up the enthusiasm to do so. Main conclusion - I'd have been far happier if there had just been the one film (shades of Highlander? There should have been only one!).

I'd arranged to meet stoobs at Nos Night to pick up some episodes of China Beach which he'd kindly downloaded for me off Usenet while I was in Malaysia. Nine episodes' worth from season 2. Woohoo! Stoo, I only got you the one drink - I still owe you big time! Needless to say, I have already started renewing acquaintances with Lt. Colleen McMurphy...

This was supposed to be just a brief visit as I was skirmishing the next day but it didn't work out that way. Started having too much fun catching up with too many people. Hell, I got accused of "networking" at one point!

Stoo, Teresa and others had been to Erotica and had some interesting souvenirs likes a giant furry rainbow coloured penis for Teresa while I couldn't help but noted Stoo's programme had a page advertising some superbly titled porn films like Grand Theft Anal, No Holes Barred and Swallow My Pride. Class!

Surprisingly I also won a prize in the raffle. Alas, I was the penultimate winner picked so my choice was a deck of playing cards or an Orlando Bloom/Legolas poster. I picked the latter to some interesting comments about my er... orientation, questions about whether this was for Heather, yadda yadda. All I can say is :beady stare: and "No comment"

Anyway, I still ducked out at 10pm to go home and get an early-ish night.


I got up at ~6.15am to finish packing my skirmish kit and headed off to pick up Julian and friend before heading down to the Ambush Chobham site and met up with Pat and Alan down there. First outing for my full CADPAT rig (cammies, assault vest and helmet). The others commented Julian and I were kind of scary - two oriental guys in near identical CADPAT Nintendoflage digital cammo rigs. Cue jokes about Privates Terence and Phillip... :-)

The games were fun but the site could do with more features - it's basically woodland with a few MFI-type mini buildings here and there. At least it had basic toilet facilities (one of my key criteria for rating airsoft sites!). The guys were apparently also impressed by my speed at crawling and willingness to do so through some rather soggy terrain.

One major downer though is that my beloved Steyr AUG, my first electric airsoft and still my one true love, is dead/broken/unwell :-( - sounded like the gearbox was seizing and now it's just not responding at all. Just as well I'd brought a spare rifle, the Vietnam M-16. Gah. Guess I'll have to call Airsoft Armoury tomorrow and arrange for repair.

Oh well, time for bed - got a meeting in the morning with an ex-colleague to discuss a possible games-related project.