November 13th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Bitten Addenda

Just a few things I omitted to mention earlier:

I very embarrassingly forgot to mention my Birthday present from Heather (burntcopper): a great book on the Knights Templar. Thanks very much - l've had a lot of fun flicking through it.

During the temporary scare on Saturday night about a load of cash being missing, I was seriously worried as I had just over that on me in cash to pay for the tac vest and no ATM receipts or similar to prove it was mine! Just as well it was all resolved quickly!

On Sunday morning Heather commented "The backpack of conventioning makes an apperance at last". Hadn't realised my black Jansport bag had been such an inseparable accessory at cons that it's absence at Bitten had been noted! From The Feng Shui Detective, a book I recently read: "The trappings of a man's life become his life"
Looi Kin-Ming

Bloody PCs!

Good news: Halo and Call of Duty for the PC arrived from yesterday morning.

Better news: Installed CoD and played a few levels and it's great. Really gives a sense of being one man in the middle of a war rather than the usual just you vs. the whole Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.

Bad news: It crashed my PC. Hard. So bad XP's not booting right now. Thank Heavens for all the other machines round here, especially the PDA and laptop.

So, looks like I'm going to have to reinstall XP - even the repair console is locking up. As I'm very anxious about recently downloaded episodes of China Beach (the new Angels I'd already copied to the living room PC to watch), I'm going to start by sticking in a spare 80Gb drive and installing on that to check the contents on the RAID drives and burn them them to DVD-R before reinstalling. If possible.

Gah. Bloody PCs. Still, day wasn't a total loss. Met up at the Victoria and Albert Museum with Liz who'd taken a few days off work. Went round the Gothic England exhibition which was very impressive - the beauty of the items on display was breathtaking. She also got a call from work while we were there and she's back at work today... Now that sort of thing I really don't miss.

Oh well, back to Mortal Kombat with my PC.
Looi Kin-Ming

Leviathan up and running again

Woohoo! WinXP is up and running on Leviathan, my primary PC, once more and all my precious MP3s, video files and documents are intact. Now for the tedious downloading of updates and reinstallation of apps...
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