November 12th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

Why I love my PDA

As if I needed any further reminder of this... I got an appointment reminder for drinks with ex-colleague down at Green Park while in simultaneous IM conversations with Kristen (sakara75) re: cons and Farscape rumours (she was doing a scarily effective job of selling me on going to Starfleet Ball) and Julian re: Sunday's skirmishing. Had just over an hour to get going and get down there but I arrived in plenty of time.

I actually ended up meeting with two ex-colleagues in the end. Funny, after all this time, Renaissance, my first management consulting job, is still the one I remember most fondly and the people there are the ones I have kept in touch with most. Experiences there are also one of the reasons I have such a high level of skepticism about the plausibility of slash but that's another matter... Anyway, we agreed it's been way too long since we met up and I ended up volunteering to organise the reunion.
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Looi Kin-Ming

Bitten (8 Nov)

Oh well, since I'm at the PC, might as well write up Bitten. When I mentioned at SG-6 I was going to Bitten the following weekend, Cathy called me a con whore. Cathy "I go to cons in Canada and France" Holroyd called me a con whore! "Dear Pot, you're black. Love, Kettle". Oh well...

Anyway, this was less than a week after SG-6 which was in turn a couple of days after getting back from Malaysia, and immediately after my 1st night back at fencing. Tired much? Quite frankly, I'd have preferred not to drive up to Wolverhampton but I'd arranged to pick up a CADPAT (Canadian digital ie pixellated camouflage pattern) assault vest at a militaria fair in Bedfor from a dealer who'd come over from Canada. Didn't help that the traffic up was pretty awful too, especially around Birmingham. Funny, that...

Once I got there, onm attempting to check in, I heard those words guaranteed to strike terror into the hearts of anyone who's been in consulting for a while: "We have no reservation under your name"! Turned out all rooms were booked under Nic/kittynic's name. Just as well she and various showed up at when they did even if they had to scrape me off the ceiling because she sneaked up and hugged me from behind!

After settling in, we admired Heather/burntcopper's dinky new iPaq and used my Tosh e740 to connect to the Bitten site so Nic could check room bookings. Guess these things do have some real use from time to time!

After dinner, we gathered back in Nic's room. I clearly wasn't paying attention during the game of Truth or Dare as one moment I heard "Ming..." "Huh?" and found myself being kissed by Heather. There is a photo of me with a very surprised expression on my face afterwards...

One weird thing: a chap named Dave thanked me for helping friend out in the photo queue at End of Days. Only thing is, I have absolutely no recollection of this whatsoever and I'm damn sure I don't do so many good deeds I start forgetting them. Weird...

For the main event on Saturday evening, I hadn't originally planned to do anything costume-wise but since pretty much everyone else was, I cheated and reused the SG uniform from SG-6! I also found the P-90 even more popular and harder to get back than at SG-6. Guess it's probably because the P-90 was more of a novelty at Bitten!

The subsequent room party back in Nic's room was a scarily impressive sight. I'd never have believed so many people could fit into one hotel room. Most memorable thing was an innuendo-laden viewing of Thundercats ie observations that Lion-o frequently brandished a weapon in his hand which got bigger as he held it...

I got up comparatively early given the previous evening's (more accurately that morning's) festivities to get to Bedford. Not getting any reply to SMSs, I checked out, packed up the car and was about to depart when I was spotted by one of the chaps having a cigarette out his window. So, quick discussion later, I hung about a bit longer while everyone mobilised for breakfast. End result is I left Wolverhampton way later than expected but I really would have hated to leave without properly saying good bye.

Still, I got to Bedford 15 minutes before the miliatria fair closed. The dealer and a friend I was meeting there to give a lift back to London were starting to worry but it all worked out OK and I am now the proud owner of not just a CADPAT vest but also a kevlar helmet (slight overkill for airsofting but what can I say, I like CADPAT!).

So, now I have some 2 1/2 weeks to go before Senior Partners...

Oh yes, photos to follow once I figure out where to host them - up against the maximum number of files limit on my Yahoo album. Guess I'll have to delete earlier con photos or find an alternative host. Recommendations/advice welcome.
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