November 11th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

SG-6 (31 Oct-2 Nov)

This is the con I arranged my return flight from Malaysia for. My sister had queried why I had to be back at this time. "If it's another of your Buffy conferences, I will not be impressed!" "Well, it's not a Buffy convention...". I was also wondering what this would be like - my first Stargate con (I registered for SG-5 but my then employers sent me to Indonesia for a project and got us there a day before the Bali bomb went off...) and I wasn't aware of that many people I knew going to this. Also didn't help that I'm not up to date with the last two seasons of SG-1!

As it turned out, I needn't have worried. I hardly saw Sally and Karen as they were getting up at the insane hour of 5.00am to ensure being at the head of the queue for the main hall. I declined to join them, pointing out I'd hated getting up at that time when I was being paid to do so and damned if I'd do it for fun! However, I quickly fell in with a whole bunch of other people. Funny how common interests in replica guns and uniforms breaks the ice! These included a bunch of people from the League of the Non-Aligned whom I'd met at the Earthfire Summer Party ("were you the guy in the Earthforce uniform?".

Things got off to a good start on the Friday with an interesting little party where the guests circulated round the table so we all got a chance to take a few photos and say hello right at the start. Very neat idea so we all agreed to take photos of whoever was opposite us on the table and swap later on. One of the people on the table was attending her first convention so we had a lot of fun telling all the guests she was a "con virgin"...

Everything quickly became very comfortable and familiar - different programmes and guests but similar sorts of questions in the guest talks and my airsoft P-90 and assorted tac gear quickly established my credentials (never mind that most of the stuff, P-90 included, I'd bought to go skirmishing rather than for cons...). I did have moderate difficulty prising it back out of the hands of one Welsh girl on Saturday night though, especially once she found out the laser and torch on the P-90 were functional!

A whole bunch of familiar faces also turned up for the party ie Tors, Andy, Sonia et al doing a reprise of their superb X-Men costumes, Clare, Sloopy, Jo etc. When a couple I was talking to observed Sonia was doing the comic book rather than movie Mystique, I dug out the PDA and dialled up to my Yahoo album to show it wasn't always the case. During the course of discussion, one of them commented "Speaking of not wearing very much...". Even before I turned around, I had a damn good idea who she was talking about. Yep, it was Clare!

On Sunday morning, I met my sister and her fiance at Heathrow for breakfast as they were flying back out to Hong Kong. She asked who was there, I asked her how familiar she was with SG-1, when she replied "What's SG-1?", I tried "Stargate?" and she asked "Is that the one with the big black bald guy with the bullseye on his head?"... Still, it gave me an idea for a question to Don S Davis and Carmen Argenziano - "How would you describe SG-1 to someone not familiar with the series?". Don S Davis' answer was brilliant "Four people travel through a giant sphincter and get flushed out into a new world"!

One notable thing at the Sunday evening party: Clare was wearing her chainmail bikini once more. I noticed the LOTNA guys training cameras in her direction. "You're not photographing her arse, are you?" "Not so much photographing and videoing..." It's probably a sign I may have attended too many cons as my first reaction was to wonder what the big deal was, hadn't they seen a girl in a chainmail bikini before. Oh. Perhaps they hadn't...

Anyway, to summarise, had a great time, met a whole bunch of new people and signed up for SG-7. Hell, having found a con which allows me to indulge all my militaristic fetishes and where carrying guns isn't just permitted but almost a requirement, how could I not? Now, all I have to do is get through 2+ seasons of SG-1 before February...

Lastly, photos to be found at my Yahoo photo album in the SG-6 album. And now to try to summon up the energy for an entry on Bitten. Hopefully before I go to Senior Partners...
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