September 2nd, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

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Went to an airsoft practical pistol shooting event down at Sopley. Had a lot of fun but it was a bit weird - guess I've done to much skirmishing but it did feel strange doing the courses of fire looking for targets that weren't moving, making noise or trying to hose me first.

Also, invariably whenever Team Sheep goes on an outing, inevitably, one of use seems to experience major equipment problems. Guess what? It was my turn. Looks like my beloved Glock 18c is either in need of repairs or replacement...

Still rather have been doing skirmishing but it was still fun and, as a result, am now joining some of the practical pistol guys for more of the same at a range in East Barnet on Tuesday!

Spent most of the morning firing off BBs from the Glock (or attempting to do) to diagnose the fault with it. After much expenditure of gas and pellets and frequent stripping of the gun, I think I know what the problem is so but I think it's something I'll need to take it in for repairs.

Rest of the day was spent with more experimentation with DVD authoring. I was hoping to get a China Beach disc ready and burned for this evening as I was meeting Kate at the post-fencing-without-the-fencing-as-it's-summer drinks as she seemed even more anxious to get copies of the episodes than I was. Regretably, technical hitches with encoding prevented this but at least I got a few VideoCDs burned.

Weird thing is that due to deadlines, rehearsals etc, we were the only two to show up at the pub so the entire evening was spent discussing airsoft, China Beach, Blake's 7, Dr Who etc. You know your tastes are getting way too specialised/weird when someone tells you she couldn't have envisaged going round Malta with anyone else in the fencing group because no one else would have the same obsession with military history etc...
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