July 12th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

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I went up to Hitchin (Friday)yesterday for a friend's weddding. Sparked off a fair few thoughts - I've known him for around twelve years, we first met a the local role-playing games club when he was still in the Army. I was very glad to be able to make this as I missed his first wedding back in 1995 because I was slap bang in the middle of my MBA exams. ISTR I had a Finance paper that day!

The wedding also involved one of the earlier weird coincidences that seem to haunt my life. Shortly after Cookie first met Olivia, he said to me "What is it with all you public school fencing role-playing computer types?". Turned out her brother was someone I'd gone to school and even been in the fencing team with!

There were also quite a few other fellow role-players/airsofters I've also known for a rather long time. Needless to say we ended up forming a little group of our own at the reception and a couple of them are now highly tempted to follow my example and order themselves airsoft Pulse Rifles from Hong Kong!

Needless to say, not a lot of sleep to be had, I also got a load of video footage and still photos of the bride and groom and various friends at the reception, mostly of them doing dumbass things on the dance floor! I sense a multimedia CD-ROM coming up ;-)

Limped back home today via Wood Green where I dropped off a friend who in turn lent me his full collection of all four seasons of The Professionals on DVD. Guess I'm going to be kind of busy the next several days!

I was only home long enough to check email and similar before dragging myself down to Central London to pick up my repaired Nokia 7650. Despite the fact the Ericsson T68 I'd been using the last week or so is a more than capable phone, I was worryingly relieved to be reunited with the 7650!

Anyway, while I was down in town, I took the opportunity to pick up more comics, including the Ultimates trade paperback as long recommended by Heather (burntcopper). Looks prety good so far. I'd never been a big fan of the Avengers but I did rather like the rather more cynical take on all the characters. Don't think I'll be getting this regularly but it's proving to be an entertaining read right now.

I then succumbed to the siren call of spicy chicken ramen at Soba before heading home and now I'm trying to whip up the enthusiasm to start scanning amd emailing across my German project expenses receipts. Not going well so far...
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