June 30th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

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Spent last week working in Germany again, got back Friday evening, minicab from Heathrow back to East Finchley took as as long as the flight from Hamburg!

Picked up my sister from Heathrow the following morning at 7pm. Urgh... She's over for a week just to use up the return leg of a ticket that was going to expire soon.

Evening - down to Tors' for a Hawaaian theme party for hardcore con goers with the Terra Nostra represented by Paul, Cathy, Heather and myself. Since Heather had requested "tack" from Malta, handed her a Coats of Arms of the Grandmasters of the Knights of St John of Malta tea towel - class or what?!?

Had yet another "Oh, you must be Ming" comment from Sarah from the Starfury mailing list, ate way too much, overindulged in punch and Maltese red wine, got way too little sleep.

Sunday morning (or should I say, later Sunday morning), the survivors still present engaged in a geekfest, watching Galaxy Quest and A Knight's Tale (the latter mainly because Heather and others being astounded I'd not seen it yet!).

Tors is now talking about a group Galaxy Quest costume outing and A Knight's Tale is indeed a hoot but...

Rant coming up
Again, as with Starship Troopers, I find myself despairing at the lead character's taste (or lack thereof) in women. My views on Carmen vs Diz in ST is already well-known but here in AKT is another classic example - Kate is intelligent and capable as well as very attractive. Jocelyn is pretty and pretty vacant. Er... that's about it. So, of course, Will falls head over heels for the latter. Sigh... must be another example of TAPS (Thick As Pigshit Syndrome)...
End of rant

Then again, I freely admit a bias. A friend once observed a pattern in my top fantasy babes - Scully, Willow, Diz, Vansen (S:AAB), Frances (Ultraviolet) etc - a taste for bright, capable types, especially redheads!

Anyway, catching a 8.10pm flight to Lubeck tonight,back Thursday evening on the 11pm flight but at least this is final week (I think...) - just got to avoid developing too much of a Thousand Yard Stare and getting too demob happy!
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