June 10th, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

"You got one lucky ass, boy!"

D'oh! My sister's pronouncement seems to still be holding true. Just as well I went in to fencing tonight to get one last session in before going to Malta tomorrow. Because I'm not. I found this out when talking to Kate about travel plans... She'd also checked out the hotel web site and it seems it has a 24 hour Internet cafe. Hooyah!

Seems while Tuesday was the original departure date, it was moved to Thursday after I'd originally declined to go because of work commitments. When I found myself redundant and freelancing, letting me know the revised schedule got overlooked. Boy, I'd have been damn lonely at Stanstead tomorrow afternoon!

Fortunately, my employer in Germany took it remarkably well, laughing ans saying that, actually, this worked out better because the more work we do up front, the easier life will be!

Works out quite well for me too - got another couple of days to try to get this financial model into some sort of shape which doesn't quite so closely resemble a pile of steaming dung and to get my hands on more mini DVD-RAM discs for my video camera. Kate prodded me about this, pointing out that if she's taking her digicam, I should too...

Only worry is that, sooner or later, my luck has to run out...

Fencing itself went reasinably well, fenced only epée as that's the weapon I've entered for. I won but it's still going to be rather tough in Malta. Oh well, early elimination means more time for boozing and sight-seeing!
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