June 3rd, 2003

Looi Kin-Ming

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Mad dash back home and to Terra Nostra on Friday went reasonably OK, only glitch was a 15 minute delay on the runway at Dusseldorf airport due to bad weather. I was silently screaming "I'll take my chances, just get this heap of shit off the ground!". Then it did and it was amongst the roughest weather I've ever flown in. Careful what you wish for, you might just get it...

Anyway, got home OK, rushed down to Horsham. By the time I got down there, Heather had already arrived and exchange of embarassing stories about me was apparently in full flow. No matter, I'd brought a ~1/3 full bottle of Russian Standard vodka, acquired on a trip there before I started my last job. Now down to one last bottle back home. I so need to make a return trip there or find another source of this stuff...

Next day, David and I picked up Selena, a bunch of us then went into Horsham to visit MVC, GAME etc. My main objective was to acquire season 2 Babylon 5 DVDs. Mission accomplished. Wahey!

Main event for the day was shedloads of food and cocktails at the Smith and Western. Hmm.... The Terra Nostra was also more quorate than it's been in a long time. With 2 FNGs in the shape of Heather and Selena, plus assorted children, we fielded about 16 people in total!

Main disaster of the day was going back to Lucy and Dennis' place. They insisted on showing videos of musical "performances" from old Who's 7 cons. One of which included me in full wig-wearing, non-singing, arhythmic glory. Oh boy... (note: the reason I was in one of them was having an appropriate costume, used in an earlier video thingy and my not yet having discovered the full usefulness of the phrase "No Fucking Way!")

Left around lunchtime on Sunday as I had to pack to fly out to Germany the following morning but toasted most of the weekend completing the main storyline missions on GTA: Vice City!

Now, this morning, we heard that a case of SARS had been reported in Meerbusch, the satellite of Dusseldorf I'm currently in and he'd been flown out to a hospital in Hamburg. Guess where we're flying tomorrow?

Currently planning to attend Nos Night this weekend, assuming I don't contract another infectious disease like last time I planned to do so...

Oh, and I think effects of Springsteen concert are wearing off. Troublesome nagging thoughts about just what the Hell I'm doing with my life are starting to arise once more...
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