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Why I love my PDA

As if I needed any further reminder of this... I got an appointment reminder for drinks with ex-colleague down at Green Park while in simultaneous IM conversations with Kristen (sakara75) re: cons and Farscape rumours (she was doing a scarily effective job of selling me on going to Starfleet Ball) and Julian re: Sunday's skirmishing. Had just over an hour to get going and get down there but I arrived in plenty of time.

I actually ended up meeting with two ex-colleagues in the end. Funny, after all this time, Renaissance, my first management consulting job, is still the one I remember most fondly and the people there are the ones I have kept in touch with most. Experiences there are also one of the reasons I have such a high level of skepticism about the plausibility of slash but that's another matter... Anyway, we agreed it's been way too long since we met up and I ended up volunteering to organise the reunion.
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