mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Shirt weirdness

I have three shirts, all double-cuffed Charles Tyrwhitt ones, all with rips/worn patches on the left elbow. None of my Thomas Pink, Austin Reed etc shirts display this, despite several of them being older (I'm sure). So, theories anyone? Examples that spring to mind:
  • Some weird work posture thing
  • Some subtle design flaw in Charles Tyrwhitt shirts
  • Very picky mice
  • Very alien extradimensional beings are trying to communicate with me
  • It's a very subtle first sign that it is the End of Days/the Stars Have Come Right/apocalypse of your choice
  • It's God's way of telling me to stick with Thomas Pink

BTW, got hit by that weird xSalmon AIM bot - AFAICT, it randomly connects two LJ users with AIM IDs in their profile via AIM shortly after they've updated their LJs. Anyone else been hit by this? Ended up briefly discussing Augmented Reality Games, British popular culture and other random topics with a grad student in Massachussets...
Tags: wtf

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