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It's time to put on makeup...

More Orange muppetry!

Contract end (and hence upgrade) time again. From analysing my last 3 months' bills, I was all set to defect to Vodafone and the Nokia N95 8Gb so I called for a PAC code. It was a bit of a solemn moment as I'd been with Orange for some 12 years!

As expected, they made me a retention offer. Not so expected; the terms:
44% reduction in line rental
250Mb data allowance
N95 + 8Gb card (OK, so, not quite the phone I wanted but close enough)

But, the First
Chap I was speaking to was suddenly unsure if they were still bundling the 8Gb card. He said he'd check and call back. Did he? Did he bloody hell!

But, the Second
Called Orange the next day. Woman I spoke to said 1) No, they were no longer bundling the 8Gb card but could include a 2Gb one 2) Data wasn't inclusive after all. I pointed out this made the deal a lot less attractive so she offered a further rental for the first half of the contract period. OK..., I said. Then she found the phone was out of stock but they would text me when it was!

But, the Third
Got the text today, only one day later. I insisted on another walkthrough the contract terms. Just as well... The rental reductions had been forgotten so I started by mentioning the original discussion, intended as context for the line rental reduction. She interrupted, checked, and said I could have the data inclusive after all.

So, it's now on its way. Needless to say, I will be checking the contract very carefully! How hard can it be to record what you can and have offered a subscriber?!
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