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Airsoft ramblings 
28th-Feb-2008 03:35 am
Fire select
My airsofting obsession continues to grow. Cut for length and images.

Latest addition to the wardrobe: a set of Chinese PLA Special Forces digital camouflage. Need some headgear to go with it though - looks like Trident Military can oblige.

Was slightly aggrieved to learn that, after finally getting hold of a set of current Malaysian zebra/woodland camouflage and in a size which actually fit, it seems about a year or so back, Malaysia decided to phase out the AUG in favour of the Colt M4A1. So, it would seem Malaysia's effectively gone from the M16 to the AUG to, effectively, a short M16. Go figure. Noentheless, I still have no real desire to get an M4 though.

Guess there's always Austria, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Latvia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and, apparently, the Falkland Islands!

Still, being in Australia, I figured I could pick up a set of AUSCAM DPCU (and they still use the AUG aka F88!) easily. Alas, all the sources I found in Melbourne were selling rather nasty Chinese repro kit. Weirdly, an awful lot of the AUSCAM sources on eBay are in the UK!

The Saturday after getting back from Melbourne, hastily arranged to go down to the Elite Epsom bunker with jmswallow, taking the AUG and the Malaysian para kit. Proved to be pretty comfortable but it's a fairly heavy ripstop material (compared with the airtex of the old jungle brush stroke kit) - not sure how comfortable it'd be to be wearing it in Malaysia itself. Also surprised Russ by telling him we had a mutual friend in clare_nce!

Now have the second half of the RSOV order (it arrived a few days after I'd left for Melbourne and almost missed the three weeks the local Post Office would hold it for!) so I tried fitting the Thompson and AK-47 wood kits. Much to my surprise, given everything I'd read, the Thompson kit proved to be pretty straightforward. The AK-47 kit, on the other hand, everything went smoothly bar the lower foregrip. Damned if I can figure out how to get it off! Still, both AEGs look much better with the wood, rather than plastic, furniture. Only downside is that the butt plates on the wood stocks are screwed on, which will make changing batteries in the field decidedly non-trivial.

Between those and the wooden case/stock for the Broom Handle Mauser, my collection is starting acquire a certain retro aspect.

Currently on the drool list (in rough descending order of priority):
  • Star L1A1 SLR for that 70s UNIT look, especially as I now know it can be easily modded to fire full auto to make it a more practical skirmish weapon
  • British 1960 Pattern green combat smock, again for the 70s UNIT look
  • A&K M249 - collection lacks a support weapon but I'd still much rather have a Vietnam M60 but the only ones currently available still stupid money
  • Royal Hong Kong Police SDU loadout - as jmswallow's pointed out, I currently lack a SWAT/counterterrorist loadout
  • Maybe a set of AUSCAM - it's been growing on me...

Next skirmish - will have to take the Kuomintang kit, assuming I can get myself reasonably proficient in doing up puttees!
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