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My world's not getting any bigger...

Last Saturday: went with Liz to see Dean Haglund (he was the one in the Lone Gunmen who looked like Garth out of Wayne's World) doing an X-Files improv. Bloody hilarious. Very good understanding of X-Files cliches too ;-) He also did very well to cope with an especially irritating student who kept butting in. Shame I wasn't able to catch up with Clare, who was the one who'd mentioned it on the LOTNA list, though.

Wednesday: burntcopper's Birthday bash and last week's small world incident #1. When we all met up at Leicester Square, I was introduced to snowballjane. I was sure I hadn't met her at any fandom-related event but she seemed vaguely familiar. She worked it out first and asked me if I'd fenced at Poly!

Friday: Beer and B7 at the Knights Templar. Agreed to sign up for Eastercon (not that steverogerson and cobrabay had to try very hard... Apparently the former has a list of media panels that need to be filled... Guess I'd better sign up tonight. However, it seems my suckiness when it comes to booking hotel rooms is not restricted to Starfury and Wolf ones. Yep, the Radisson's already full :-(

Saturday: Lazy, semi-conscious day then down to LOTNA meet. I am so predictable. Seems katana137uk had guessed I might show up, it being cold, initial part of the year and hence not so many airsoft skirmishes, musters, cons etc on right now :-/ I'm also hoping Dave was taking care to mention the date of the 10th anniversary meet to everyone, not just me... Also looks like a couple of my throwaway comments during the discussion on what to do for that meet might get picked up too - Who's Anorak Is It Anyway? and Show And Tell for the geekiest item you possess. Heh. Might be fun to take the latter and run with it! Also got my LOTNA calendar, which includes the following:

Today: Tim had mentioned there was a militaria fair at Chatham so I got up rather earlier today than I'd planned to and met him, Simon and one other there. Last week's small world incident #2: I mentioned my interest in the ARVN and KMT. "Are you Ming on Arnie's Airsoft?" Anyway, bit of a small bash but still managed to pick up some cheap reference books and berets for my various ARVN outfits.

One bummer - discovered my nifty brass LLDB badge is an early pattern one, used up to 1963 (presumably changed after the coup that toppled Ngo Dinh Diem and the subsequent re-org/purge of the LLDB). I'm going to need the fabric winged parachute one for the period most commonly portrayed by re-enactors. It's also less distinctive, being very similar to the airborne one, just with the wingtips turned in rather than out.

Also now have a couple of Bundeswehr beret badges surplus to requirement. One's artillery (crossed cannons), the other I'm not sure about (crossed sabres)
Tags: airsoft, b7, fan, fencing, military, re-enactment, wtf, x-files

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