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Where's the last month gone?

Work's been insane the last month or so. Still, still managed to have some fun:
  • Got a postcard from aeshna_uk from Tahiti :-)
  • Got down to Ultimate again, one more trip and we can get ourselves UKARA-registered. Nice to see the regulars down there were recognising and chatting to us already.
  • Fenced the next day for Abingdon as they were short on people (guess Jo wasn't kidding when she said they were desperate!)
  • Went to a screening of Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Suspect that, from the historical accuracy perspective, it's utter rubbish but it's enormous fun
  • Went to the big re-enactors' fair with Kate and Jo and bought a fair bit of musketeer kit and a posh jacket. We, along with Martin, then got a tad lost trying to find the pub down the road and ended up at a totally random curry house which actually proved to be really good!
  • Got myself a gun rack for my AEGs. Thing is, I need another - 6 slots is not enough, especially as I have vague ambitions on a M249 and a SLR... Also need something for the pistols too

    Can anyone ID all the weapons in the rack? ;-)
  • One thing about the commute to work - got a chance to do a lot of reading, including:
    • Black Tom - Sir Thomas Fairfax and the English Revolution by Andrew Hooper. Pretty interesting account - rightly highlights how key Fairfax was to the outcome of the English Civil War but interestingly questions the notion that he was politically naive.
    • Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Martin - great central thesis as to why the West went out and conquered the World rather than the other way round (based on an early switch from being hunter-gatherers to food producers). Feels a bit padded out to fill the book and the author hammers you over the head with the key points too many times but that is forgiven just for the breathtaking central idea
    • Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett - Finally got round to reading Pratchett again (last I read would have been around Pyramids, Wyrd Sisters etc!). Fortunate that the local second hand book shop has a large pile of Pratchetts! Clever stuff, pretty funny but, somehow, it didn't seem quite as hilarious as I recall the likes of The Colour Of Magic being. Still, enjoyable enough that I stopped by again today and picked up Guards! Guards! and Witches Abroad
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