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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Not nearly so late airsoft post 
23rd-Oct-2007 08:36 pm
Fire select
OK, so, the original plan was to get down to Urban Assault on the 13th and start establishing a track record with a UKARA-based site so we could carry on buying airsofts/RIFs. Alas, UA shifted its game day and it had to be Saturday for various reasons. One quick web search later and Ultimate Wargames was the only site running that day so that's where Simon, Kate and I ended up heading off to!

It'd been a while since I'd been to a woodland site but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Site had lots of dense undergrowth to provide cover, nice bunker and other structures to fight over. Nice bunch of people too, with a good spread of ages and experience (even a few Air Cav re-enactors) and a disctinct lack of the over-intense, overly serious Special Forces wannabe/Kevlar Kiddy types. Only realy downside was that it was the wrong sort of site to be traipsing around in my shiny new Kuomintang kit so DPM was the order of the day.

There was even a chap with a van selling kit. mainly Chinese clone gear. Actually recognised him from one of the Wolf SG cons. Fortunately/Unfortunately, as I'm not registered yet, I couldn't actually buy any weapons ;-)

Not that I needed any, the Thompson and Ak-47 acquitted themselves well and I didn't even get round to using the SA-80. However, think I definitely need some new pouches for AK mags. Probably one of those VC/NVA chest rigs...

Main thing is: we plan on heading back again *this* Saturday!

Sunday we met up for lunch and a brief wander about the West End then I was off down to Tim and Corrine's to meet them and tlanti for a photo shoot for the LOTNA calendar and much geeky trading of notes with Tim about our respective BSG uniforms. Main thing - I need to enlarge the breast pocket buttonhole so I can use the BSG buttons I bought off eBay a while back.
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