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Very belated Serenity Infinity post

Daft name or wot? Still, an enjoyable if somewhat hectic weekend.

Photos here

Anyway, possibly the worst prepared I've ever been for a con. This not taking the Friday of a con off is not working out. I hadn't even started packing when I got home on fridayand had no idea what the Friday or Sunday themes were - had to look them up!

Main highlights:
  • Opted for John Woo/Chow Yun-Fat for Friday's Blockbuster Movies theme (nearly opted for Vietnam war there...). Bit warm in the suit, tie and coat but the pump-action shotgun was a big hit. Moderately impressed at the number of people who twigged it was specifically A Better Tomorrow 2 I'd based the look on and who observed that, strictly speaking, it should have been a pair of Barettas, not Glocks.
  • 3 Lara Crofts too ;-)
  • Had fun too with the panel on the future of Firefly/Serenity that jmswallow and I did. Much less nerve-wracking than a work presentation but probably because I could let him take the lead and butt in where (in)appropriate. Did love the collective sharp intake of breath when we broached the possibility of someone down the line re-booting/re-casting Firefly. Anyway, must persuade Sean (and Brian) to do more of these!
  • Petty, I know, but I did enjoy being allowed into the hallowed Green Room/backstage areas
  • Interesting, bumping into a bunch of Dead Like Me fans there to see Ellen Muth, especially after they mentioned the upcoming movie. Shame Mandy Patinkin isn't going to be in it though :-(
  • Incidentally, Ellen Muth can bend both legs back behind her head (and demo'ed this on stage!)
  • Loved the occasional look of dawning comprehension from people who figured out my "pirate" outfit on Saturday night (Chinese guy with bootleg DVDs...)
  • Got re-christened Ming the Obscure after a Trivial Pursuit session at the pub but that was more from inspired guesswork and elimination than anything else (e.g. Zog was the only Albanian King I knew and toilet rolls seemed the most likely thing the Pentagon would get through 665 of each day)
  • Got reproached on Sunday night by one of the con regulars for not wearing any uniforms all weekend!
  • On a related note, Nick and Ros continue to astound me with their SF uniform collection. Latest additions: Grammaton Cleric outfits! Can't believe I forgot to take photos of them...
  • Had an invite to join the tech crew in Blackpool for the next L Word con because I was finding the idea of them booked into the Norbreck at the same time as an OAP ballroom dancing group very amusing. Tempted but passed as it's a long way to go just out of a sense of morbid curiosity and humour
  • Picked up my resin cast .455 Webley Mk VI from Sloopy. Wheee!!!
  • Signed up for Serenity Complete - Jamie Bamber's been announced as a guest!

Limped home after extended goodbyes but so much for my plans to catch up on sleep - Wolf Armouries called to say my pre-ordered gas blowback Glock 18c had arrived. So, I now have a pair of GBB G18c's! Nice pieve of kit but couldn't help noting the slide on the new one doesn't have the Glock trademarks of the older one.

I'd also hoped to meet aeshna_uk for a farewell drink before she headed off on her global expedition but, alas, it didn't work out. Ah well, something to look forward to in December.
Tags: airsoft, cons

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