mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Countdown commencing...

Birthday thoughts (reconstructed from memory as the original post made with PocketLJ seems to be MIA):

Bit of a low-key one this year. It just didn't feel all that significant in its own right, more an alarm to tell me I have one year to go to the big 4-0. Guess this means I have a year to sort out how I'm going to commemorate it (really not sure the U-boat trip is really feasible...).

Still, met aeshna_uk for a delightful dinner at Gaucho's Picadilly Circue - steak and caipirinha. Place seems to be a lot posher than when I last went there - leather coverings lining the old arches in the basement. The place has also expanded out from the basement into what used to be a not especially great Tex-Mex place. Also now have another pair of neat cufflinks to add to the collection :-)
Tags: booze, food, personal

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