mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Hang the bastard...

...hang him high. Hoist his body to the sky.


Evening started off so well. Went to see Amateur Transplants with aeshna_uk at the New Players Theatre and they were very good indeed. Nice mix of old and new (to me anyway) material.

Stopped by at the Chandos for a drink after and some bastard nicked my work laptop along with my Ixus 900 camera, 2 CF cards, 2 memory keys, chequebook and a copy of Doctor Who - Bullet Time by someone not a million miles from here and lent to me by Kate.

Been writing out emails to notify boss and IT chap in Stockholm, project management guys in US and client people in London. And trying to complete the Met's online crime reporting tool.

All I can say is, glad of employer's ultra-rigourous security approach - passwords on everything, including the hard disk on boot up.
Tags: music, rant, work

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