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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Overdue post 1 - Decalogy 
15th-Jun-2007 08:53 am
B5 crest
Wow, it's been a while since the con. Now in Malta but short version: enjoyable but a bit chaotic from a personal perspective and hotel was way too hot. Photos at Yahoo photo album in the Decalogy album.

Main recollections:

Bit shambolic from a personal organisation perspective. Wasdn't sure till quite close to the event that I was going at all, thanks to parents' creative interpretation of "We'll check availability of dates and get back to you"! Consequently, no time to get the Ming The Merciless outfit done.

Even on Thursday, the day of departure, there was a panic when mother realised that departure time on Sunday wasn't 12 midnight, it was 12 noon! No good options - tinkerbell1980 and burntcopper were already on their way to Firebase Finchley, Blackpool is a 4 hour drive away etc. Ended up having to make my goodbyes before heading off.

Drive up went through some seriously varied (and mostly bad) weather.

The Norbreck is much less of a dump than it used to be but still not wonderful. Package included a surprisingly passable buffet in the evenings too. One interesting thing: sharing the hotel with regular family holidaymakers and their "entertainment" e.g. desperately unfunny comedians, mothers racing to wrap their kids in loo roll (The Mummy Game - geddit?) etc.

Hotel was way too hot though, uncomfortable even in t-shirts. Consqeuently, had to abandon the English Civil War and Brigadier outfits.

Still, a great feeling wearing the Earthforce kit in the Norbreck again after a decade or so and great to see a few others also wearing Earthforce, security and other B5 outfits, especially given Starfury's origins. Especially great drinking many Richard Biggs, Tim Choate and other B5-related toasts with Jimmy at the back of the main hall. Definitely coveting his Nightwatch armband though.

Friday morning, a small group of us headed into Blackpool to, amongst other things, check out andysears' favourite cheap airsoft vendors. No skirmish grade weapons there but that wasn't what I was after - got a springer G-36 which I intend to gut and refit for lasertagging.

Actually spent most of the time at the con socialising - only went to one talk, mainly to ask Mark Sheppard about why the Irish accent in Galactica and if he'd be back on it.

Took part in one rather blasphemous discussion on someone's idea for Godcon, with guest Jesus - speculation on what sort of inane con-type questions we might ask him, that the con bar would probably be well set up for wine, loaves and fishes etc. Mark Sheppard was hovering around for a bit - think the discussion amused him.

Real shame to have to leave Sunday morning but I hadn't booked Monday off, couldn't stay for the parties and wasn't too fussed about the talks.

Just one last thing: sabremeister wrote in his con report that I blanked him and has subsequently de-flisted me. Well, that's not my recollection but, ah well, favour returned.
15th-Jun-2007 08:26 am (UTC)
I am impressed!

More to the point, how do you manage to make yourself look as though you were digitally inserted into the pictures?
15th-Jun-2007 08:38 am (UTC)
Probably my intensely photogenic nature...
16th-Jun-2007 08:55 am (UTC)
I used to go to Malta each year for 5 or 7 years Before it became more tourist-ee, many years ago. Then they did this 5yr thing where the french invaded with their culture, then after their 5yrs I think another country was to bring their culture..Food was nice but couldn't understand anything it all changed...the maltese people went into hiding and they were the only good ones that spoke english!! and were very plesent :)
24th-Jun-2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
I have greatly enjoyed the trips to Malta for the fencing competition - especially being a major military history geek but I'm not sure about going again next year - too many places on my To See list, too few annual leave days...
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