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Unfortunate incident at fencing last night. Flèched Martin at epée, of course, it all went wrong and I ran past on his sword arm side (bloody Southpaws!), tried a quick jab as I did. Good news: got the hit. The bad news is evident in the kink of my blade below and, yes, that kink is *against* the normal bend of the blade.

Basically, it's salvage the tip and then bin time. Fortunately, no serious injury to Martin.

Damn, I'd been at Leon Paul the previous day at lunchtime for a quick ULU-organised tour of the factory and could have picked up kit at a 10% discount. Oh well, at least I learned that Leon Paul outsources manufacture of fencing bags and it's the manufacturer who chooses the colours. Our guide even commented that they must either have someone totally colour blind there or they're simply having a laugh. Still, would have thought that, as the customer, they could have simply told the manufacturer "No more hot pink and tartan bags, please"!

Less dramatically, looks like my next project is sorted: Canary Wharf through to next year! Guess that, if nothing else, it'll keep me in the UK for the all-important Summer con and muster season ;-) Not too sure about commuting on the DLR but it's got to be better than Reading!
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