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alia iacta est and all that

Have posted off application form for shotgun certificate and certificate to receive explosives, all for the purposes of Civil War re-enactment musktery. Think I've left it too late to get it done in time for Lulworth but we'll see. Had the expected giggles from colonel_maxim and cadddyman when I asked the former to sign off that he knew of no reason I should not be permitted to handle a shotgun...

When I went to post the forms off, there was a chap practicing the bagpipes in the park. Well, he was very enthusiastic...

Think Graham and I amused Tim on Tuesday after fencing at ULU. Graham asked if I was going to Collectormania. No, I replied, off to kill Royalists. Tim wasn't entirely sure which was sadder... It's a bit quiet at ULU right now, most of the students are off wigging out about exams.

Otherwise, brain's a bit fried from wading back into the financial model from last project in a tearing hurry. Feeling slightly smug because a lot of the things I did when I first constructed it seemed a bit like over-engineering but it's really paid off for the extensions I've had to make. And, best of all, just the one trip to Reading to date and probably won't be any others as I'm in the frame for a project manager slot on a long-ish project in London so hopefully no seething at being halfway round the world from cons or musters this Summer.

Oh, top this for obscure events: there's a 20th anniversary T'pau con/event being organised. Am I thinking about going? Could be...

I also seriously need to sort out my BT line. I know I need it broadband and for low-cost incoming calls but latest bill shows I made a grand total of £0.88's worth of calls (yep, I am clearly a prime example of fixed-mobile substitution)! There must be some ultra-low user option!
Tags: fencing, re-enactment, tech, work

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