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Saturday: Important day: first time I headed out in short sleeves. Guess it's time to start thinking about doing that weekend walk to the Spaniard's Inn for lunch.

Met Liz for lunch and then went to see the Chinese religious paintings exhibition at the British Museum. When I called to confirm where to meet, I was rather amused that she suggested Orbital Comics as she wanted to get the next volume for the graphic novel she'd picked up last time we met. Guess she really has turned to the Dork Side...

The exhibition was pretty damned interesting - a lot of wonderfully beautiful images. Also rather challenging as Liz had lots of questions about Doaist, Buddhist, Confucian etc beliefs, Chinese history and so on. Think I just about managed to avoid embarassing myself too badly but I did also mention we now need to go look at some esoteric Jewish exhibition: Golems or the Qaballah or similar! There is, however, an exhibition of Terracotta soldiers from the First Emperor's tomb coming up...

After a quick detour to acquire myself a new fountain pen, headed over to Victoria for the B5 meet. Pretty enjoyable evening and was surprised to discover that Lost Tales volume 1 should be being released pretty soon. Well, fingers crossed and hoping it's better than Legend of the Rangers but I guess I'll get it no matter what!

Today: Met aeshna_uk for a leisurely lunch and much geeky conversation (Who, Life On Mars, X-Men etc) at Oriental City - had the usual problem of wandering round the food court trying to figure out what to have for lunch. Big discovery - one of the Malaysian stalls now does cendol! Woohoo! No shaved ice though :-(

Think I am increasingly tempted by one of the Chinese swords at the martial arts store there too. Also took the opportunity to pick up various goodies: chilli powder, chilli sauce, mochi, root beer etc. I really hope they manage to save the place. I will miss Oriental City horribly if it goes.

Dawns on me that I now have a full set of Blake's 7 VHSs to dispose of. Suspect even the local charity shops are unlikely to be interested but I'm also reluctant to simply chuck them in the bin. If anyone wants them...

Watched Genesis of the Daleks. Still can't help feeling it's an episode or two too long but it's still a superb story, mainly because of Davros and especially Nyder. Peter Miles was superb, just as he was as Rontane in Blake's 7. Next: to check out the stuff on the second DVD. I also STR seeing Davros audios at Forbidden Planet. Might have to check those out.

Have commenced playing the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion. Yep, OK, definitely weird, twisted and mad. Pretty good start!

Also started reading Freakonomics. Very entertaining so far, not the way one often describes a book on applied microeconomics!
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