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Bitty sort of day:

  • Did a load of packing/laundry for Sicily
  • Burned a batch of CD-Rs for Heather (Dead Like Me) and Yvonne (Legend)
  • Think I've resolved the Nero 6/DVD-R Disc-At-Once bug by deinstalling pretty much every other video/DVD editing app I had installed (Pinnacle, Intervideo, Roxio). Now I guess I try re-installing them one by one to see which one breaks DAO with Nero. My prime suspect in Pinnacle's Instant DVD as it installs some weird virtual DVD writer drive. Well, I've managed to burn a DVD-RW with a couple of episodes of China Beach anyway.
  • Speaking of China Beach, I discovered Dana Delany had a voice part in a 13-part Wing Commander Academy animated series. Holy shit! I didn't even know there was a WCA series, never mind that she was in it. It's apparently available on eDonkey but attempts to get it working through my NAT router have failed so far...
  • Set up my new Logitech Webcam Cordless. The basic webcam functionality works fine. Next step - to see if I can get the application for remote access/notification to work and then, hey presto, Internet enable remote surveillance of the house while I'm away!
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