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The Necromingicon
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Where'd all the students go? 
21st-Mar-2007 12:29 am
Bit of a quiet night fencing at ULU tonight. Seems it's last night of term or something so attendance was sparse. Upside was that we could run 3 full length pistes as a result and the epéeist population wasn't that diminished. Nice to see too that two of the novice intake have elected to take up epée. Key learning for the evening: go to enough clubs and one of them is bound to be desperate enough that they want you to fence for them, in this case the London League. As with Poly, the guys are aware my foil is weak but I will generally actually show up.

Snag is first round is on Sunday and, since it looked like Poly and Saxon were unlikely to be fielding teams this year, I'd tentatively arranged to go see an exhibition at the British Museum on Sunday with Liz. Still not clear if they'll need me for this round but will apparently definitely be needed for second round. Could be awkward if they decide they need me for Sunday. Guess I'd better do some foil at Saxon on Thursday in case I get called up.

Other problem is my right knee started flaring up again towards the end of the evening. Guess it's just as well I'm meeting Stuart for beers and food tomorrow evening rather than going to Haverstock.
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