mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Pistol power comparisons

Chronoed my pistols last night, basically put 10x0.2g rounds through each of them. Results are rather interesting:
Muzzle velocity (fps)KE (J)
Cyma electric Glock 18c162.51561690.25
Marui gas Baretta Tac Master276.42622830.71
Western Arms gas Colt .45269.32582920.67
KWA gas Glock 18c2532432580.59

Hmm... I wasn't expecting much from the electric Glock but that's still a tad disappointing. That said, I haven't recharged it since Fort Widley and I'm not sure how heavily mrmrsmith used it. Guess I should charge it up and try again. Otherwise, I might still be in the market for a second Glock 18c or Tac Master for the Chow Yun-Fat/John Woo loadout...
Tags: airsoft

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